Thursday, 30 July 2015

What do you say?

Its been some time since my last post, actually about 10 months, it doesn't seem that long.What do I say?

Pretend I was never away and resume as before? give a long account of what's happened in this time or just say well life and events happen and blogger took a back seat. For the last few months I've restarted visiting favourite sites and keeping an eye on what's been happening in blog land; its been impossible not to as I feel a connection, even though its a community of relative strangers its for me been a positive experience.I couldn't find the courage(not sure that's the correct word) to write that first post.

I still make cards although not as often as I would like and still keep in contact with a few people I've met along the way. So how do I move on? Well set my goals small and build on them. 

I wont be posting as often as I used too, I hope at least weekly. Instead of just visiting sites as I have been doing leave a comment and say hello and then I take it from there.Its good to be back and hopefully this time its for good. I've posted a card made quite some time ago  that I hope will make someone smile. 

I hope life has been kind to you and all is well. Thanks for reading  Andrea x  

just to say- hi :-)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Weekend-Chores- Card Making -Catching Up

A very good morning to you (just where has the morning gone and I was up very very early!)its a day of chores, food shopping and crafting for me as we are out all day tomorrow.Its been a while since I did a weekend post and as I’ve the weekend off this week I’m determined to catch up with some of the cards I’ve made but not and the chance to post...I’m sure I won't get them all posted but I will get to share my favourites given time.Today's card was made for my sister’s recent birthday at the end of August,its the second 8x8 card I’ve made.I found the size quite daunting initially but was happy with the finished result. I am a big fan of Ann Marie Designs and could watch her all day she creates the most beautiful cards and projects I've seen and has a unique style which I love…stunning...her Facebook photo gallery is inspiring.I would have all her products if given half the chance as well as great quality they are also great prices. Although I am still waiting for an order which I placed 2 weeks ago!... is which is unusual as I haven’t had any issues in the past…the opposite actually customer service has been ace. Hopefully it will be here very soon.

Birthday wishes

I love flowers as you may have noticed and I love this colour combination.. it's one of my favourites,teal,cream and brown ...they work so well together .My sister is a bit of a shopaholic and loves a bit of bling so I went with the shoe as the focal point. It also the first time I have masked and stamped which I decided to do after I had finished colouring the shoe…. note to self for next time- mask straight away and over stamp then colour! - in the event it may go wrong! I made it a bit more stressful than it needed to be...LOL 


bit of bling 

I used the following products -
Brown and beige spotty card-distress ink to edges ,white acrylic paint 
Teal and cream mini shabby gingham card-distress ink to edges ,white acrylic paint 
Floral stamp -from Blooming shoe set fussy cut and glittered 
black  and turquoise stamens 
Dies and Sentiment used -
Heartfelt Creations die -Arianna Blooms -  same card as above stamped and embossed 
Die cut flourish -white pearl card stamped teal dots 
die cute lace ornate shape - Arianna Lace Dies white pearl card 
Sentiment- from Tatty Twinkle set die cut label 
From stash -
shoe charm 
pearls and gems various sizes 
crochet ribbon